Best Practices


·        Wear aligners 22 hours each day; 7 days a week

·        Only remove aligners to eat and brush/floss your teeth

·        During meals and brushing place aligners in a retainer case. We recommend you always have one with you


·        Switch to your next aligner on the evening of your 7th day.

·        To keep aligners clean:

o   Brush aligners with soft bristle toothbrush and water every time you brush your teeth. You may use Listerine/Scope mouthwash to brush your aligners with as well.


o   You may also soak your trays in a mixture of water and mouthwash while you are eating, helps keep aligners fresh.


·        Remember to use your chewy every time you place your aligners back in your mouth, helps assure that your trays are all way seated over your attachments.

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